From Shadow To Sacred, It's Sex In The Raw...

This is the place where we discuss all aspects of sex, sexuality, and sensualism. From the shadow to the sacred we are discussing sex in the raw with Sex Therapist Yulinda Renee!

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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Board Certified Sex Therapist

Trauma Specialist

Certified Kink Counselor

Inviting and inspiring Healing….

Are you over living a “sacrificial lamb ass life” and ready to go from sacrificing to satisfied?

Ease ain’t always easy but it is our birthright! Give yourself permission to remember who the F&#K you are!  A Goddess awaiting her awakening!

Inviting and Inspiring Healing

The Kink Conscious Sex Therapist, Spiritual Clinical Counselor, and Self-Awareness Guide!

From minimization to self-actualization, transformation is more than possible!

Healing from trauma, transforming beautifully , living unapologetically, being free as she…

Poet; using lyrical therapy to speak the language of the divine!

Purpose of Creating Safe Space /Healing

A huge barrier to healing is having  access to space where you feel safe enough to strip yourself naked without fear of being judged for the flaws hidden under your proverbial clothes. There is very little I haven’t heard and not much I haven’t seen or experienced myself, so I am uniquely suited to serve.  If I can offer nothing else, I can offer a space where you are fully supported with unrelenting positive regard.  Now I will call you out on your shit though!  With love, of course! 😉

How It Works



First you  become conscious then empowered enough to choose to change (or not)!

You are in control and your capacity to grow is only limited by your beliefs! <3


S-Show up for YOU

E-Expect to be uncomfortable

L-Lean into the process

F-Follow your flow


Success is an individual and personal state that measures the alignment of your life currently to the life you want to live. How close are you?

From Shadow to Sacred it’s Sex in the RAW

It’s all about Healing, Restoring, and Transforming with the HRT Coach, Lynn Meyer!

Sex Therapist, Yulinda Renee, and HRT Coach Lynn Meyer create space to have a very candid and transparent conversation around the power of choosing to heal, restore, and transform!

Let Love in, Let Healing Happen…

*Potentially Triggering Episode*

Sex Therapist Yulinda Renee, and The Write Diva, Shaneequa Cannon create space to discuss the aftermath of sexual trauma, healing and finding one’s way back to self by accepting and taking ownership of our story!

Attracting the Love You Want with Yoni Power Coach LaShawn Woods!

Sex Therapist Yulinda Renee holds space with Yoni Power Coach and Feminine Goddess Extroidainnaire Mrs. LaShawn Woods! Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom is the word of the night! Embracing our Sacred Womanhood and womb healing via rites of passage and rituals were just a few of the things shared.

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