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Creating brave space where we dare to dig deep and explore various topics via transformative talks and catalytic conversations!

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This is where Yulinda shares her love of the written word, from articles to poetry, she uses her gift of writing to explore various topics around sex, trauma, healing, freedom, and overall liberation!  Here she brings  some much needed mental stimulation!

Creating Brave Space……

Inviting and Inspiring Healing

Welcome to Yulinda’s little corner of the web! Here you will find conversations and information curated for the upliftment of  Black folks and where we explore their unique brand of being while tackling trauma that has travled down the timeline, from chattel slavery until present.

Black folks being healthy, whole, and happy by taking control of their healing is the mission and being the go to for Self-reconciliation is Yulinda’s vision.

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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Board Certified Sex Therapist

Trauma Specialist

Certified Kink Counselor

Doctor of Clinical Sexology

About Yulinda Renee

Yulinda Renee is a Trauma Informed Board Certified Kink Conscious Sex Therapist with a Doctorate in Clinical Sexology with a mission to accompany Black folks on their journey of healing from sexual trauma..

“She is a researcher of sexual trauma, therapeutic BDSM, and creator of resources for sexual trauma healing. Author of “A Power Exchange with Your Pain.”

In addition she is a  speaker, mentor, supervisor, and consultant sharing her expertise on sexual trauma healing, “Therapetuic BDSM, and having the AUDACITY to live authentically to live authentically 360°.

✨The Kink Conscious Sex Therapist, Spiritual Clinical Companion, and Self-Awareness Coach. Researcher of Therapeutic BDSM!
It is OVER FOR repressing , suppresing and managing life stressors on our own. NO more SILOS SIS together we "Heal On Purpose!" 🙌🏾
💝Healing from trauma, transforming beautifully , living unapologetically, striving for self-mastery!


 featured and keynote speaker in numerous summits, a Black Mental Wellness workshop facilitator, and creator of professional development, Dr. Yulinda Renee Rahman aka Doc YuRoc is often requested by her peers in progress to conduct workshops on behalf of their communities, grace their stages, and impart her wisdom and unique ability to inspire.

Founder and CEO of Mind Your Mental LLC and 501C3 nonprofit Heal On Purpose Inc., Yulinda encourages mental wellness and the transmutation of trauma for all while her current focus combines her extensive clinical expertise, knowledge and resources with her research skills to create a specialized modality for people with body-based trauma, specifically sexual trauma. She shares this knowledge on stages, podcasts, and special guest appearances.

Her mission is being an example of what it looks like to lean into our process of healing and unlock new awareness that leads to greater self-awareness, understanding, acceptance, and love.

She also has a podcast formerly “From Shadow to Sacred it’s Sex in the RAW” renamed after her mission of helping Black folks “Heal On Purpose” from a history of sexual trauma she dares to discuss what some might shy away from, providing a platform for others to not just share their stories but take ownership of their narrative. Yulinda and her guest get real, honest, and RAW!

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“When I say she stole the summit Yulinda did a session on chakras and self awareness. Then we had her back in the afternoon for ‘Get the Kinks Out or Kinks On. You could hear a pen drop and then you could hear the laughter. She got inside and we opened up. We will have her at our next event and have reffered her out several times already and if you haven’t got your intuitive reading make sure to contact with her   “


“Yulinda is more than my therapist, she is my LIFE COACH!. She has helped me with my business, my relationships, my kids, my health and my mind. She calls me out on my ish but in a way that i know comes from love. She says all the time ‘ as I speak to you, I speak to myself’ letting me know that I am not alone and that she has been through some of the same things which makes her so good at what she does.

She ‘s dope!”


“Yulinda is one of my favourite counselors of all times! Okay okay, she’ s THE favourite coyunselor, and i have seen sevral due to a background full of trauma, and what makes her so great is that she is so non judgemental. I feel safe and seen. I have shared things with her that I have never shared with anyone and that’s her superpower. The ability to create a space so safe that you are able to share things and see things about yourself, both the good and the bad, and own them, and by owning all of yourself, began to heal…”


“I have had the privilage of sharing sevral stages and more intimate group settings with Yulinda and can say without hesitation that she is hands down the best of the best in her industry. She has the special ability of making everyone feel seen, heard and understood while chellanging our thoughts and creating a safe space for growth and restoration. Yulinda is a thought leader, visionary, change-maker and healer who holds space for those that feel thay have no space their own. Her continuous thirst of knowledge and ability to connect people from all walks of life makes her a must-have for any event looking to leave their community touched and transformed.”


Online Resources

Heal On Purpose with Doc YuRoc

A place where we go from shadow, to sacred, to safe a podcast with Dr. Yulinda Renee!

Heal On Purpose Inc.

We are a non-profit organization committed to providing education and researching the social impact of sexual trauma on and in the Black community while simultaneously creating and providing resources that center Black people’s lived experiences.

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Doc YuRoc is committed to supporting the next generation of therapist via clinical supervision. Reach out for details.

Currently working on her next research project, Yulinda is serious about amassing as many tools as possible to meet the unique and varied needs of those she have the pleasure of working with. From clinical research to her spiritual gifts, she uses everyhing at her disposal in her roles as a mentor and consultant.

She is a creator of brave space that invites transparency and leads to transformation. Down to earth and approachable, she excels at building rapport by operating from a space of radical non-judgment and intentional connectivity. Serving in the capacity of supporting, nurturing, and maintaining healthy relationships is a key part of Yulinda’s life work.

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