Mental Stim!

Yulinda Renee has been in love with the written word since the age of five, having won her first literary award for her poetry at the tender age of seven.

When feeling alone, misunderstood, or just needing an outlet she put pen to pad.

Her work tends to be thought-provoking, seductive, therapeutic, and always stimulating!


Mental STIM!

Where seduction, poetry, and academia come together in the written word to stimulate your mind!

Bankable and Broken

Bankable and Broken

Black women are out here doing the damn thang! They are running fortune 500 comapanies, they are creating new businessess, they are breaking financial curses, they are creating generational wealth, and they are burning out. They are dealing with chronic illness,...

Generational Curses-Part 1

Healing, what does that mean? To heal? To me, it has meant different things at different times. It looked like tackling what I had the capacity to face at any given moment. Before I could deal with my rage, hate, and bitterness I first had to address my lack of...


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