Healing, what does that mean? To heal? To me, it has meant different things at different times. It looked like tackling what I had the capacity to face at any given moment.

Before I could deal with my rage, hate, and bitterness I first had to address my lack of self-love and worthiness. I had to begin to look at where that came from? This idea that I was not worthy, that I had no value, that I did not matter? Whose shit was THAT?! Did I come into the world with that perception of myself or was I picking up programming in the womb?

I have been sharing about how I am now at the place of the “original wound” in my healing process. Facing core negative beliefs that have seeped into the very foundation of my existence. Roots that have infiltrated my bedrock. They must be pulled out.

I am concerned that things may crumble around me as I undergo this expedition, as hollows are left where these insidious roots once lived, the surrounding earth collapsing into the empty space, shaking the entire structure, implosion imminent…

This may very well happen. I would be surprised if it DIDN’T!

However, although concerned, I am not afraid. I have my tools, the digging has already begun…

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