Yulinda Renee, Ph.D.

The Brave Space Creator

Hi, I’m Yulinda Renee aka Doc YuRoc, a titillating blend of air, water, and fire energy with my Sun in Scorpio, my Rising in Gemini, and my Moon in Leo! I am a fan of research, science, and all things woo!

I love investigating the mind and understanding the heart. These passions have inspired me to use all of my gifts to be of service. I currenlty operate in three lanes, one is advocating, teaching, and providing supervision to the next generation of therapist via my business Mind Your Mental.

The second is continuing to reseach and educate on the potential healing properties of “Therapeutic BDSM” as a form of somatic experiencing for people with a history of body-based trauma, specifically sexual trauma.

And last but not least I am deeply commited to providing education and researching the social impact of sexual trauma on and in the Black community while simultaneously creating and providing resources that center Black people’s lived experiences through my nonprfit organization, Heal On Purpose Inc.

I depend on my assignments this lifetime to GROUND me and showing up to be of service is what keeps me focused and I am thankful for the privilege!

With that being said, im ready to do work! Are you? Let’s GO!

About Me

Dr. Yulinda Renee Rahman aka Doc YuRoc is a Trauma Informed Board-Certified Kink Conscious Sex Therapist with a Doctorate in Clinical Sexology, 

She is a researcher of sexual trauma, therapeutic BDSM, and creator of resources for sexual trauma healing, and author of “A Power Exchange with Your Pain: A Guide Towards Reconciliation with SELF.

Her vision is to break the stigma around sexual trauma that prevents Black folks from seeking support by providing education, creating resources, and guiding them through her therapeutic modality, Self-Reconciliation Therapy. The work began with a focus on Black women and has expanded to include the Black community.  


My Mission/Goal

My first mission is to provide education and resources to support Black folks in their journey towards healing from sexual trauma. During my doctoral progam the gap in the research became glaring and although the research started with Black women, the need to create resources for the community was evident. My goal is to help by stepping into the space.

My second goal is helping others understand that self-awareness is the stepping stone to healing, life satisfaction, and financial freedom. I create the space for honest self-evaluation, love with an invitation to have the AUDACITY to be Authentically yourself!

My Approach

I see deeply and have been gifted with the capacity of making people feel safe enough to allow me to see them and reflect back to them the beauty that is their many parts.

I lead with intution guided by clinical skill and communicated through emapathy earned by lived experience.

As I say to everyone I work with “as I speak to you, I speak to myself” meaning that I do not suggest, inform, or invite anyone to do anything that I myself have not done, am doing, or need to do.

WE are in this together. I did so you can do, hopefully with a bit more ease.  No more silo. 

Around Here WE #healonpurpose. 

“I never understood how much it meant to be understood until someone came along who really did understand”

Yulinda Renee. PhD

Speaking Engagements

A featured speaker in numerous summits,  and creator of professional development Yulinda is often requested by her peers in progress to conduct workshop on behalf of their communities, grace their stages, impart her wisdom, and unique ability to inspire.

Researcher and expert on sexual trauma in the Black community, Yulinda has conducted workshops and trainings on her therapeutic modality Self Reconciliaiotn Therapy and her trademarked tehcnique “Therapeutic BDSM” to clinicans and educational institutions.

As an example of “Healing On Purpose” Yulinda has also shared her story of having the AUDACITY to be uniquely herself while navigating healing from trauam to audiences eager to venture onto the path of self-mastery themselves.

Activate Your Vision

aOct31-Nov1                                                 2020

Global vision board gathering that helped the attendees get clear, get focused and get aligned in the pillars of Mind, Body, lifestyle and Business

Ignite Your Pase Summit

Mar 12-14                                               2021

A quarterly Online summit focused on Mind, Money and Movement. It helps the attendees PASE(Plan, Act, SWOT and Execute).

Black Women Confidential- Keynote Speaker

Mar 22-27                                                    2021

Annual conference for the Black Woman Startup Movement that feature voices of hope, voices of purpose, and the voices of power while revealing the secrets of the Black woman on the rise! #sistasontherise

Black Women Confidential- Authors Summit

Sept 23-25                                                    2021

Conference and book launch for the Black Woman Startup Movement that will featured voices of hope, voices of purpose, and voices of power while revealing the secrets of the Black woman on the rise! #sistasontherise

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