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Go on a journey with me as you explore snippets of how I work, teach, and show up, having the Audacity to be Authentically myself while being an example of what it looks like to “Heal On Purpose.”¬† ~Not Your Average Academic, Doc Yu Roc~

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One of my goals is to be Vulnerable, Visible, & Vocal. Here are some examples...

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Empowering Conversations with Yulinda Renee
Board Certified Kink Conscious Sex Therapist
Pole as a part of healing
How to Launch A Sexual Self Awareness Brand with Yulinda Renee

Healing The “Angry Black Woman” is the research behind her seminal work, “A Power Exchange with Your Pain” and walks the reader through the evidence of why Black women not only need but deserve resources and modalities that highlight their specific needs.

“A Power Exchange with Your Pain” is the companion guide to her therapeutic modality, Self-Reconciliation Therapy, or SRT which was created specifically to aid in the healing of Black women with a history of sexual trauma.¬†

Therapeutic BDSM: An Alternative Form of Healing is unlike any other academic book on the market, Dr.Yulinda Renee Rahman, aka Doc Yu Roc, weaves academic research, humor, and personal pieces of her story together to bring you something that is uniquely her.

Doc Yu Roc

Doc Yu Roc


Yulinda understands the value of leaning into uncomfortable topics and shedding light on areas that often remain in darkness, sexual trauma being one of them.

Yulinda focuses on highlighting the lived experiences of underrepresented populations while introducing healing modalities that dare to deviate from the status quo.

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